Mar 05, 2024

Top 5 Most Saved for Sub Plans Activities

Taking some much-needed time off for spring break? If you're looking for sub plans, see which five activities are most popular in the Save for Sub Plans folder since we launched the My Resources feature, which allows you to save your favorite NGPF activities and resources in one place. 


[Post updated March 11, 2024 to reflect latest data]



1. INTERACTIVE: Online Bank Simulator

Students use an online simulation to practice checking balances, monitoring their account, conducting transfers, and paying bills using online banking.


2. CALCULATE: Reconcile Your Checkbook

Students practice reconciling their checkbook using a sample check register and a bank statement.


3. COMPARE: Types of Savings Accounts

Students conduct online research on different kinds of saving accounts including OSAs, CDs, and more. Then, students make recommendations on which type of savings account they think people in three different scenarios should use.


4. INTERACTIVE: Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Students experience what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck by playing the game Spent.


5. COMPARE: Select a Checking Account

Students determine what features they value in a checking account and then conduct online research to determine which accounts best meet their needs and which bank would be best for them.


Runners Up

Two of our FINE PRINT activities, where students dig into the details of financial documents, were next in line: FINE PRINT: W-2 Form and FINE Print: W-4 Form


Not seeing the right fit for your classroom? Get more ideas from Amanda Volz's post: 10 Ready-Made Sub Plans.


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