Nov 06, 2023

Question of the Day: Can you name 3 of the 5 most valuable brands in the U.S.?

There might not be any surprises on this list...


  1. Amazon
  2. Apple
  3. Google
  4. Microsoft
  5. Walmart

A list of the top 5 most valuable brand's in the U.S.


  • The list includes companies from various sectors such as retail, tech, media, banking, telecoms, and automobiles. Why do you think these particular sectors are so valuable?
  • What current market trends might be influencing the brand values of these companies?
  • How might the average consumer be impacted by the success of these top brands?
  • In what ways do you think these top brands should demonstrate social responsibility given their significant brand value?


Here are the ready-to-go slides for this Question of the Day that you can use in your classroom.


Behind the numbers (Visual Capitalist)

"Broadly speaking, a brand’s value represents the allocation of company earnings that are linked to the brand.

Amazon ranks number one globally with its brand valued at $299 billion. As a market leader in online retail, it has strong brand loyalty in its B2C segment which generates its largest share of revenue, and is a key player in cloud services for its B2B platforms.

Apple is in close second with a $298 billion brand. It’s important to note that both tech giants brands fell in value from last year, as supply chain disruptions, labor market constraints, and slower forecasted revenue impacted their brands.

Other big tech brands Google (#3) and Microsoft (#4) were next in the ranking. Korean conglomerate Samsung (#6) was the highest-ranking firm based outside of America."


The NGPF Consumer Skills unit will get your students thinking about what other factors influence their spending decisions


Social media is arguably one of the biggest influencers on purchasing decisions. Check out Analyze: The Influence of Social Media to learn more!

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