Nov 05, 2023

Question of the Day: How much do consumers spend on pumpkin flavored products in a year?

For coffee brewers, pumpkin-spiced latte sales are grounds for celebration.


Answer: $511 million


  • Do you tend to spend more money on seasonal items like pumpkin-spiced lattes? Why or why not?
  • What is a potential opportunity cost if a person spends between $5-6 on a pumpkin-spiced latte once per week?
  • What are some other examples of products that increase in popularity at different times throughout the year?

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Behind the numbers (ABC10 NEWS):


"Why are we so obsessed with pumpkin spice-flavored items? Americans spend more than $500 million on pumpkin spice products each year, according to data from Nielsen. There’s a psychological reason behind this trend.

“If it's just a seasonal, limited time only, you're more likely to consume it multiple times over that same time period than if it was spread out over a long period of time,” said Jadrian Wooten, an economics professor at Virginia Tech.

“The longer it’s been since you had it, you have very fond memories of it. So a really famous example is the McDonald's McRib that just sort of comes out at random times. You just sort of forget what things tasted like,” he explained."




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