Oct 03, 2022

Question of the Day: How much does a speeding ticket increase the annual cost of car insurance?

Answer: $293-$381, depending on speed over limit



  • Why do you think insurance companies raise the annual cost for drivers that get speeding tickets? 
  • Do you think the increased insurance cost from speeding, in addition to the cost of the ticket itself, has an impact on driving behavior?

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Behind the numbers (Zebra): 

While violations like not buckling your seatbelt are pretty straightforward, others come with degrees of severity. If you’re caught speeding, for example, just how fast you were going over the speed limit will impact the size of your insurance penalty. Getting ticketed for driving 6-10 mph over the speed limit increases car insurance rates about 20%, while speeding 21-25 mph over the limit raises rates almost 26%.


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