Question of the Day: How much money do Americans waste on uneaten candy for Halloween?

Oct 27, 2020
Question of the Day, Mortgages

Answer: $400 Million in uneaten candy


  • Why do you think that Americans buy more candy than is eaten on Halloween? What factors influence the decision on how much to buy?
  • How much candy do you typically eat over Halloween? What do you do with the leftovers?
  • What are some strategies to avoid overspending on holidays such as Halloween?

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Behind the numbers (Fox Business):

"The National Retail Federation predicts we will spend nearly $2.6 billion on candy this Halloween (the most candy intensive holiday we have), which equates to 600 million pounds -- i.e. 3.5 lbs of candy per trick-or-treater, or the equivalent of 355 Hershey kisses. Now, Hershey’s is one of America’s oldest and most respected brands, but even for the biggest chocolate kiss lover that is a lot of chocolate.

...calculations show we waste about $400 million on Halloween candy each year. While that may sound like a lot, it equates to about $5 per person who participates in the holiday."


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