Question of the Day: How much on average did Super Bowl LV viewers spend on food and drinks for the big game?

Feb 08, 2021
Question of the Day, Budgeting

Answer: $74.55 on average, totaling more than $13.9 billion

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  • Did your family spend any money on food and drinks for the Super Bowl this year?
  • How would you/your family's spending differ from last year's Super Bowl? 
  • Would it surprise you to learn that the Super Bowl is the second biggest eating day in terms of consumer spending? Why do you think it's so popular?

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Behind the numbers (National Retail Federation): 

"Over the past year, consumers have become experts at making traditional events feel as normal as possible. From stocking up on fun food and beverages to team apparel or splurging on a new TV, 86 percent of viewers are planning to make purchases to help mark the occasion. And they plan to spend $74.55 on average, for a total $13.9 billion nationwide."

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