Question of the Day (Updated): What percent of online sales go through Amazon?

Sep 28, 2020
Question of the Day, Budgeting

Answer: 38.7%


  • How often do you or your family ever purchase from Amazon? 
    • What types of items do you tend to purchase? 
  • Why do you think Amazon has such a large percentage of online sales?
  • Given how easy it is to purchase an item from Amazon, what strategies can you use to limit your impulse purchases?
  • In five years, do you think people will be purchasing more or less from online retailers? Explain. 

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Behind the numbers (eMarketer): 

"We forecast that Amazon’s 2020 US retail ecommerce sales will rise 17.2% to $260.86 billion—4 percentage points higher than the expected overall growth rate for US retail ecommerce sales. As a result, Amazon’s market share will increase from 37.3% in 2019 to 38.7% this year while expanding its lead over the No. 2 player from 31.7 points to 33.4 points. We expect this momentum to continue into 2021 when it will reach 39.7% market share."

"The ecommerce giant manages to continually outpace the market by a wide margin because it stays several steps ahead by investing in the future. Recently, that investment has been to double-down on its already best-in-class online delivery by rolling out next-day Prime delivery nationwide."


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