Feb 01, 2021

Question of the Day: What percent of students receive scholarships or grants for college?

Answer: 63% of all undergraduates receive at least one grant or scholarship.



  1. Would you choose a college just based on how many scholarships or grant aid you receive from them? Why or why not?
  2. Aside from the percentage of students receiving scholarship or grant aid, what else would you want to know when researching colleges?
  3. What are other ways that you can pay for college besides scholarships or grants? 
  4. How are scholarships and grants different from loans?

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Behind the numbers (EducationData.org):

"Grants and scholarships offer free money to pay for college. Innumerable entities offer grants and/or scholarships, including federal and state governments, schools, community organizations, private organizations, businesses, and nonprofits. Some institutions are founded for the sole purpose of providing one or more scholarships.

Experts advise students to prioritize grant and scholarship applications using data and requirements. This helps students weigh their odds of success. Smaller scholarships for $500 or $1,000 offer much less competition than larger awards."


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After graduating from UCLA with a Master's in Education, Mason spent 5 years as a science educator in a South Los Angeles public high school. He is committed to supporting the holistic growth of all students and empowering them to live a life of relational, academic, and financial success. Now settled in the Bay Area, Mason enjoys facilitating professional developments and partnering with educators as they prepare students for a bright financial future. When Mason is not building curriculum or planning a training, he can be found cycling, trying new foods, and exploring the outdoors.

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