Dec 10, 2023

Question of the Day: What percent of U.S. workers engage in gig, freelance, or temporary work?

A full-time job with one employer has been considered the norm for decades, but the number of people identifying as independent workers continues to increase.


Answer: 36%


  • What are examples of jobs that are gig, freelance, or temporary work? 
  • Would you ever consider gig, freelance, or temporary work? Describe the type of role that you would be interested in. 
  • Independent workers report higher economic anxiety than full-time workers. Why do you think this is the case? 

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Behind the numbers (McKinsey):

"In the working world, a full-time job with one employer has been considered the norm for decades, but this model fails to describe how a significant share of the U.S. workforce makes a living. In the latest iteration of McKinsey’s American Opportunity Survey (AOS), a remarkable 36 percent of employed respondents—equivalent to 58 million Americans when extrapolated from the representative sample—identify as independent workers. This figure represents a notable increase since we estimated the U.S. independent workforce in 2016 at 27 percent of the employed population.

Independent workers perform many types of jobs, including working a short-term placement through a temporary agency, tutoring, driving passengers, delivering food or other products, short-term renting personal property, creative jobs such as acting or writing, and substitute teaching. In our survey, we counted anyone who identified as a contract, freelance, temporary, or gig worker as an independent worker.1 In some cases, respondents hold full-time jobs but also engage in a “side hustle."



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