Question of the Day: What percent of U.S. workers participate in the gig economy?

Jan 25, 2021
Question of the Day, Career

Answer: 36%


  • What are examples of jobs within the gig economy? 
  • Would you ever consider a gig economy job? Describe the type of role that you would be interested in. 
  • Workers in the gig economy report higher economic anxiety that full-time workers. Why do you think this is the case? 

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Behind the numbers (Gallup):

"In recent years much has been made about the rise of the gig economy, a labor market characterized by nontraditional, independent, short-term working relationships.

Supporters claim the gig economy is a trend toward worker empowerment and entrepreneurship, while critics worry it signals the deterioration of the social contract between employees and employers.

This includes everyone from online platform workers (think Uber or TaskRabbit) to freelancers to contract nurses to temp workers. When you begin to consider all kinds of working relationships that qualify as "nontraditional," it's clear that alternative work arrangements have been around a long time."


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