Apr 02, 2024

Question of the Day: What percent of borrowers have a car payment of $1,000 or more?

A staggeringly high number of people are ignoring traditional rules of thumb when it comes to transportation costs.

Answer: 16.8%

Cars parked at a dealership


  • Do you think it’s a good idea to have such a large portion of your income dedicated to a car payment?
  • What are some other important spending categories that could be impacted by such a large car payment?
  • What are some approaches you could take to lower the amount of money you spend on transportation, including your car payment?


Here are the ready-to-go slides for this Question of the Day that you can use in your classroom.


Behind the numbers (Detroit Free Press): 

"If you don't limit what you spend on a car payment, you're not going to be able to save as much money toward bigger goals, such as a down payment on a mortgage for a home or building a nest egg for retirement, either.

'A large monthly car payment might result in an individual only being able to save 3% to 5% into their monthly 401(k), as opposed to 8% to 10%. Over time, that makes a huge difference,' Munzenberger said."


Check out the Buying a Car mini-unit to help give your students confidence in making a purchase and hitting the road!


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