Sep 25, 2022
Question of the Day

Question of the Day: Which 5 MLB baseball teams have the highest team payroll?

The baseball regular season is coming to a close. How do you think team spending affected success this season?


  1. Los Angeles Dodgers: $284.73 million
  2. New York Mets: $266 million
  3. New York Yankees: $236.84 million
  4. Philadelphia Phillies: $224.45 million
  5. San Diego Padres: $211.97 million


  1. What factors do you think affect the amount of money a team can spend on its players?
  2. How might the payroll of a team affect its success in Major League Baseball? Look up past World Series winners to see if there is any correlation.
  3. What positions/types of players do you think deserve to take home the largest salaries from the payroll? Why?
  4. Think about how might you impact the payroll of MLB teams:
    • Do you or your friends spend money to support your favorite team?
    • What types of things can you/do you purchase?
    • Do you/your family pay to watch your favorite team on TV or at the ballpark?

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Behind the numbers (Statista):

"The opening day payroll of teams in the MLB is calculated by combining the base salary, incentives, and any signing bonuses. At the beginning of the 2022 season, the Los Angeles Dodgers had the highest combined payroll in the league, amounting to over 284.73 million U.S. dollars. At the other end of the scale, the Oakland Athletics had an opening day payroll of just over 48 million U.S. dollars."



Want to see your team on the list? View the 2022 payroll of all 32 MLB teams.


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