May 16, 2023

Classroom Roleplay Ideas: 5 Teacher Favorite Case Studies

Case studies are a great way to engage your students in real world situations and ask them to use their new knowledge of a personal finance topic to problem solve through roleplay. They have a variety of uses, including as a replacement for an assessment exam, a credit recovery exercise, a unit review, and more. Here are five teacher favorites you can use with your class. 


Case studies can be found on the unit pages below the activities list or you can find them by unit on this page.  If the case study has an (sp) next to it (most do!), then it’s also available in Spanish.


1. Fender Bender Frenzy! (Insurance)

Students will play the role of a new insurance claims representative who helps various clients deal with different aspects of using their auto insurance.


2. How Do I Budget? (Budgeting)

Students learn the basics of budgeting, from setting priorities, creating a savings goal, tracking spending and learning about tradeoffs required to achieve financial goals. They take on the role of a peer providing financial advice and learn to develop various strategies.


3. Car, Home, Retirement: What’s My Plan (Saving)

A recent college graduate prepares for a meeting with her financial adviser. She has developed short, medium and long-term savings goals to purchase a car, a home and an early retirement. She has a choice to make after her adviser makes specific investment recommendations.


4. Gimme Some Credit (Types of Credit)

Students will take on the role of a peer financial counselor to analyze credit card promotions and comparison shop for a card. They will also learn about alternatives to credit cards for those seeking to develop a credit history.


5. What’s the Catch? Be a Savvy Consumer! (Consumer Skills)

Students will determine “What is the Catch?” to help them avoid potential financial pitfalls from a series of common situations for consumers.



Need some more tips on using case studies? Here is a guide to six ways to implement a case study in your classroom.



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