Apr 03, 2023

Play BINGO to practice your money lingo!

These financial literacy BINGO discussion boards are sure to get your students - and your whole school - excited for Financial Literacy Month!

As the brilliant teacher Amanda Lucero says in the NGPF Documentary The Most Important Class You Never Had, “Everybody has to deal with money, so let’s talk about it!”

Financial Literacy Month is a wonderful time to break down barriers and talk about money skills in your classroom, in your school, and in your community. To help you and your students initiate these impactful discussions, NGPF has created three fun Financial Literacy Month BINGO Boards.

[BINGO Boards updated March 2024]

Print the BINGO Boards or use them digitally here!


Looking for more Financial Literacy Month inspiration? Here are three creative ways you can use these Financial Literacy Month BINGO Boards with your students today:

1. In the style of an NGPF MOVE Activity

MOVE Activities are some of the most popular free financial literacy activities that NGPF offers for teachers everywhere. In MOVE Activities, students get up and out of their seats to discuss, share, rotate, organize, and make on-the-fly decisions about financial literacy topics. First, print out as many versions of the BINGO boards as you like, then distribute one board per student in your class. Then, give students 15 to 20 minutes to circulate around the classroom and ask their peers to write their initials on the tiles that apply to their financial experiences. The first students to score BINGO wins!


2. Schoolwide Scramble

Distribute one BINGO board per student in your classroom, then task your students to initiate the discussions on their BINGO tiles with students in the school who are NOT in your class during lunch periods, between classes, or after school! The first student to score BINGO wins, or make it a class period vs. class period BINGODown ShowDown!


3. Customize your tiles

Click File > Make a Copy on the Google Doc BINGO Boards linked above. Then, you’ll have editing capability on all the tiles. Change whichever tiles you want in order to make them more local, more school-specific, or even more personalized for the students you serve and the money topics they're most interested in!

Looking for more Financial Literacy Month activities? Check out NGPF's Financial Literacy Month page!

The page includes research, activities, questions of the day, social media giveaways, and a conference invitation, all promoting April's Financial Literacy Month!

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When I started working at Next Gen Personal Finance, it's as though my undergraduate degree in finance, followed by ten years as an educator in an NYC public high school, suddenly all made sense.

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