Sep 08, 2022

View the Video Series for ELL Students

The U.S. economic and financial system has its own specialized language and complex rules that may be challenging for students and parents who grew up in other cultures to understand without context. Our team created a six-part series of brief videos in both English and Spanish that provide background information about the U.S.-specific finance topics that may be unfamiliar to English Language Learners and their families.

Transcripts for all six videos are available in both English and Spanish.  In addition, NGPF has included relevant unit topics and key vocabulary for each video.

These videos provide an additional resource for your classroom so that you can help bridge this gap and improve financial capability for all.

View the series on our YouTube channel. 


  1. Paying for College
  2. Taxes
  3. Investing
  4. Insurance
  5. Bank Accounts
  6. Credit and Debt

En español

  1. Pagando por la universidad
  2. Impuestos
  3. Invertir dinero
  4. Los seguros
  5. Las cuentas bancarias
  6. El crédito y la deuda

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Hannah Rael

As NGPF's Marketing Communications Manager, Hannah (she/her) helps spread the word about NGPF's mission to improve the financial lives of the next generation of Americans.

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