Activity Idea: Name and Tame The 10 Cognitive Biases That Hurt Us Financially!

May 10, 2016
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Hat tip to Big Picture Blog, which shared some cartoons highlighting the cognitive biases (see Bandwagon Effect above) that we all suffer from which impact our money management decisions.

So, how to incorporate into your class?

Here is an idea:

  • Have students work in pairs to do online research (a Webquest of sorts) about ONE cognitive bias. You can assign them to ensure that all ten are covered.
  • Their research should include:
    • Description of what the bias is.
    • Three ways that this bias can impact money decisions
    • Specific examples of how this bias impacts the students’ lives (how have they been personally affected by this)
    • Strategies on how they can tame this bias
    • Other examples of fun cartoons/images that demonstrate this bias
  • You decide on how best to present their findings (e.g. poster boards, oral presentations, role plays)


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