Details: NGPF's OpEd Challenge

May 01, 2020

How much ACTION will this community inspire when our collective #mission2030 message echoes through the editorial sections of hundreds of local publications throughout the U.S.? Let's find out!

UPDATE: We added a virtual PD that should get you through the process of writing this Op-Ed in ONE sitting! Join Christian on May 27th at 8:30am PT. 

Here's the plan:

  1. TEACHERS: Attend an optional (but helpful) 1hr Virtual PD Weds May 6 at 8:30am Pacific OR Fri May 8 at 1:00pm Pacific, during which you'll draft your OpEd with support from NGPF team members AND each other!
  2. When you're ready to submit, email your OpEd to your local newspaper's editorial board and Cc This will automagically enter you into a drawing for one of three (3) $100 Amazon Gift Cards.
  3. STUDENT OPED BONUS: If both you and one (1) student from your class submit OpEds through Step 2 above, both you AND your student will get 2x entries in the drawing.
    • Limit 1 STUDENT SUBMISSION PER TEACHER, so nominate wisely! Pick a student who will complete the challenge AND communicate well with you and the newspaper editor.
    • Students will submit their OpEds through the same email/Cc process as teachers (see Step 2 above).
    • Students are also welcome to use NGPF's Teacher Guide to help them plan and write their OpEds.
    • IMPORTANT: Students, when submitting OpEds, MUST include their teacher's name in the body of their submission email!
  4. All OpEds, from TEACHERS and STUDENTS, must be Cc'd to NGPF (see Step 2 above) by May 31st at 9:00pm Pacific to be entered into the drawing, which will take place before June 5th.
  5. If your OpEd doesn't ultimately get published in your local paper, no worries! Your OpEd will go out via the NGPF Blog, crediting you as Guest Author!

DOUBLE BONUS: If NGPF receives more than 100 individual OpEds by the May 31st Deadline, we're expanding the drawing from three (3) to twenty (20) $100 Amazon Gift Cards!

Ready - Set - Go!

About the Author

Christian Sherrill

Christian comes to NGPF from the world of classroom instruction, where he was a teacher for three years at a public middle school in El Sobrante, California. After leaving the classroom, he joined math tutoring company, Zeal Learning, to help grow their educator-facing sales and marketing efforts. He's no stranger to making a dollar stretch - while living in the Bay Area on his teacher salary he paid down over $40k in student loans in the span of 3 years. He's thrilled to share those lessons with teachers and students around the U.S.