Jun 23, 2022

NGPF FinEd Bill Tracker (as of June 22, 2022)

How many states are NOW guaranteeing all high school students will benefit from a personal finance course? 

It was 12 when we last updated the tracker in April and the answer today is....14! Here's the latest NGPF FinEd Bill Tracker. 

Here are the highlights regarding Georgia (#13) and Michigan (#14), courtesy of CNBC:  

  • Georgia: "...SB 220, a bill requiring personal finance classes for high school students. Starting in the 2024-2025 school year, all 11th- and 12th-grade students will need to take at least a half-credit course in financial literacy before graduation."
  • Michigan: "Michigan’s legislation [HB5190] requires that all high school students take a half-credit course in personal finance before they graduate. That course can count as a math, arts, language or language other than English requirement at the discretion of local school boards. The law will go into effect for students starting eighth grade in the 2023-24 school year."

While only 14 states currently guarantee a personal finance course in high school, when fully implemented, those states represent 38% of the high school student population (see updated NGPF State of Financial Education report)

Other notable updates since April: 

  • New Hampshire's HB1263 became law in May. It reads: "The school board shall ensure that personal finance literacy instruction designed to
    prepare students for success in making financial decisions is taught as part of the curriculum. Personal finance literacy skills may be embedded in an existing course or grade level program of studies."
    • We will be monitoring the implementation of this law in the years ahead to see whether schools use this as an opportunity to guarantee all students take a personal finance course. Currently about 6% of NH students are guaranteed to take such a course. 
  • Illinois's SB3902 became law in May and would allow a semester (or part of a semester) course to count towards the two year social studies requirement. 
  • New Jersey (A4355) and Pennsylvania (SB1243) both introduced bills in the past month. 

In terms of states whose financial education bills still are active (or where regulatory action may lead to a personal finance guarantee): 


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