Reading List for January 12-13

Jan 11, 2019
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 Financial Literacy Legislative Update

  • A bill has been introduced in the South Carolina Senate to require a one-semester class in personal finance for all high school students. (WMBFNews)
  • The state Treasurer of Rhode Island has also introduced legislation requiring public high school students to take a personal finance class before graduating. (WPRI)
  • New Jersey passed legislation mandating financial literacy content be delivered in grades six to eight. (Forbes)
  • The Massachusetts Education bill that passed at the end of the 2018 session calls for establishing personal finance standards for grades K-12. ((Metrowest Daily News)


  • Looks like the WSJ is starting a new series/column that might be of interest to students researching possible careers.
  • Make sure you take advantage of ALL benefits your employer may offer. (CNBC)

Paying for College

  • The number of college students who go hungry is staggering. (Inside Higher Ed) reports on the US Government Accounting Office report issued this week which gathered data on the subject.


  • Jonathan Clements reviews the index versus managed fund evolution, and tries to help his readers focus on what is more important to their financial health, like focus on what you do with your paycheck more than fretting daily about your portfolio.
  • Here is some easily understood investment guidance from Define Financial. The title says it all: “Boring is Good For You.”
  • Do you ever have your students research stocks? This article and perhaps the research paper it discusses might be good resources for the student that wants to dig a little deeper into the subject. (NYT)


  • NGPF has been working hard to update all tax materials for 2019. Don’t forget to note how new limits for 2019 may impact your tax planning! (


  • You log into your bank account often, if not daily. Would it surprise you to learn the technology behind it is now a $3 billion business? (Bloomberg)


  • What you need to know about the impacts of the government shutdown; how it might impact you and/or your students. (NPR)
  • Most people don’t consider higher education to be an export, but that is how we account for foreign students studying in the US. The New York Times explains the impact of lower foreign enrollment on colleges and universities and the economy.

Personal Finance

  • Looking for new books on personal finance? Here is a list from Next Avenue. (Forbes)

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