Dec 27, 2023

Best of 2023: States with the Most New Teacher Accounts

More than 90,000 educators in all 50 states have used NGPF for personal finance curricular resources, activities, and professional development. The number of educators with NGPF Teacher Accounts continues to grow as momentum builds for personal finance education. Which states added the most new accounts in 2023? 


States with the Most New Teacher Accounts - Ranked by % Growth

  1. District of Columbia (35%)
  2. Oregon (34%)
  3. South Carolina (33%)
  4. Alaska (32%)
  5. Maryland (31%) - tied for 5th
  6. New Mexico (31%) - tied for 5th
  7. California (31%) -tied for 5th
  8. Rhode Island (30%)


States with the Most New Teacher Accounts - Ranked by Number of New Accounts

  1. California (1,501)
  2. New York (1,241)
  3. Texas (1,087)
  4. North Carolina (772)
  5. Pennsylvania (731)
  6. Ohio (722)
  7. Illinois (696)
  8. Florida (618)


Want to see school-by-school status of Personal Finance Course offerings in each state? Hover over a state in our Live U.S. Dashboard to get a link with detailed information.


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Hannah Rael

As NGPF's Marketing Communications Manager, Hannah (she/her) helps spread the word about NGPF's mission to improve the financial lives of the next generation of Americans.

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