Nov 29, 2022

NEW Release: Financial Algebra Course Diagnostic & Final Exams

Right on time for the end of the semester, the brand NEW Financial Algebra diagnostic and final exams are ready to go! 

Over the past 18 months, our curriculum team has been hard at work creating our brand new Financial Algebra Course. Now, you can track student learning using the diagnostic and final course exams as well. You can access these from the Financial Algebra Course page via the Summative Assessments button.


What do the math exams look like?

  • 20 personal finance multiple choice questions
  • 10 math multiple choice questions
  • 5 math free-response questions
  • Google form version of both exams for the multiple choice questions
  • New style and formatting to match the Financial Algebra course
  • Improved accessibility for screen readers and other tools


Where can I find the diagnostic and final exams?

On the Financial Algebra Course page you will find a button labeled “Summative Assessments”. In addition to the newly updated Financial Algebra Course assessments, this page also houses assessments for the Semester, 9-Week, Full Year, and Middle School courses. As always, in order to view the answer keys you will need to be signed into your teacher account.


What if I had some of my own problems I wanted to use?

No problem! Just like the rest of NGPF's curriculum materials, our exams are available for you to make a copy and add, remove, or change problems to match the scope and depth of exactly how you used the materials in your course.


We hope that you are having a great semester so far and we look forward to helping you and your students finish strong!

-The NGPF Team


If you haven’t already, check out the revamped NGPF Math page to see all the great NGPF math curriculum in one convenient place!

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Dan Rolando

Always enamored with learning, Dan’s parents affectionately nicknamed him “The Sponge” as a kid. After earning his Engineering Master’s from NC State University followed by six years of teaching, Dan joins NGPF to pursue his passion of inspiring financial capability in anyone who will listen. Having navigated seven years of higher education debt-free through scholarships, work, creative budgeting, and a whole lot of help, he recognizes the freedom that comes from financial independence and hopes to share that gift with others. In the (rare) times he’s not discussing finance, Dan enjoys running, reading, playing board games, spending time with his daughter, and being sous chef for his wife.

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