Apr 19, 2023

Take Your Middle School Curriculum to the Next Level with Pear Deck Lessons

With Financial Literacy Month in full swing, NGPF is excited to announce that the first four units of its Middle School Course are now available in Pear Deck

Pear Deck transforms presentations into formative assessments and active learning experiences to engage all learners. Teachers are able to interact with students using proven instructional strategies, synchronously or at their own pace.


Tell me more about Pear Deck & NGPF!

The lessons you know and love from the first four units of NGPF’s Middle School Course have been adapted into Pear Deck lessons. Using Pear Deck’s features such as draw, type to answer, drag-and-drop, and more, students will be able to navigate the lessons in new, engaging ways! 


From: Lesson 1.1. Personal Finance Decision Making



How do I use Pear Deck with my students?

Never used Pear Deck? Learn more about the exciting teaching and learning platform here! 

All Pear Deck Lessons can be done synchronously or asynchronously, making these lessons a convenient option for students who need to make up classes they missed, to help differentiate learning for your students, or just to mix up your lesson delivery with a fresh and engaging look! 

Refer to Pear Deck’s Help Videos to learn more about using the platform with your students. 

Note: teachers can access and use all the NGPF Middle School Lessons that have been created in Pear Deck (and maintain access to the Lessons after the 90 Day free trial period) by creating a free Pear Deck account. Premium Individual and Custom-level Pear Deck licenses unlock additional dashboards and features on the platform, but are not required in order to use these NGPF Lessons.


From: Lesson 1.1. Personal Finance Decision Making


When will the rest of the NGPF Middle School Course be ready in Pear Deck? 

Stay tuned for the rest of the Middle School Course to be released on Pear Deck in the next few weeks! View NGPF Pear Deck Middle School Lessons.

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