EdPuzzle Thursday - INVESTING: Lebron Gets Investing Advice From Warren Buffett - What Does It Mean?!!

Aug 14, 2019
EdPuzzle Thursday

Want to assign videos with built-in questions? We will be releasing a new EdPuzzle video here on the blog each week so that your students can answer questions that are directly embedded within engaging videos. We are excited to share with you a new video each week and a new topic each month!

NBA player LeBron James asked investing expert Warren Buffett for some investing advice in a video we share often at FinCamps (link is provided in first comment of EdPuzzle) and NGPF team member, Yanely, breaks down Buffett's advice in this week's EdPuzzle video. Your students can learn and answer questions about what Buffett means by having a comfortable cash reserve, investing an index fund, dollar cost averaging and the importance of investing over a long period of time!

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