Feb 14, 2023

EdPuzzle: If You Thought This Inflation Was Bad...!

Are we headed for the worst recession in U.S. history...?

We know inflation has been bad, but just how bad is it, and does the writing on the wall spell doom for the U.S. economy? This video from TwoCents titled "If You Thought This Inflation Was Bad..." compares the economic climate of today today and previous downturns as well as offering wisdom on how to weather the storm.



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Note: You do NOT need to create an account to ACCESS EdPuzzle videos. But if you do create free teacher and student accounts, you will then be able to capture and save student responses. For more tips and tricks on how to best implement these videos in your classroom, check out Amanda Volz's Tech Tip video. If you would like more information, visit the EdPuzzle Teacher Support page!



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