Chart of the Week: Unemployment by Educational Attainment

Mar 12, 2019
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Note: Shaded regions indicate periods when the economy was in recession, a period of time when the economy is contracting instead of growing. 


  • Finish the sentence based on the information in the graph: The ______ education you have the _______ the _____________________ rate. 
  • During what periods is the gap in unemployment between the least educated and most educated the widest? the narrowest? 
  • Your friend tells you that some college is better than none. Based on the chart above, how much do employers seem to value workers with "some college?"
  • This chart measures unemployment rate for various educational levels. What do you think this chart would look like if you were comparing average salaries to educational levels? 


Looking for more charts for your students to analyze? Be sure to check out NGPF's Data Crunch resources. 


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