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How does the NGPF Professional Learning Community (PLC) work?

Jan 18, 2016
Personal Finance, Teaching Strategies, New Products, Front Page Spotlight, Professional Development, FAQs
After meeting so many innovative teachers at Jump$tart Nationals in Washington, DC this past November, NGPF was inspired to launch the pilot version of our Professional Learning Community (PLC). As we look to expand our PLC program, here are some details to help you decide if you’d like to participate. Summary: PLC participants each submit an original project, activity, or lesson plan (artifact) that they’d like the team to review. Each week, we collaborate live, but remotely, to...

NGPF Webinars... What's a webinar?!?!

Nov 03, 2015
Webinar, Professional Development, FAQs, Tips for Teachers
Each month, we’re so impressed with the level of engagement (and customer satisfaction) from our webinar participants, but we want to be sure we’re not missing anyone. So, if you receive our monthly emails calling for you to register for our free webinar, but you’ve been hesitant to register because you’re not QUITE sure webinars are right for you, here are some FAQs that might help: 1. What the heck is an NGPF webinar? A webinar is an online professional development...

Next Gen has a PROJECT BANK!

Sep 16, 2015
Lesson Idea, Teaching Strategies, New Products, Featured NGPF Lesson, Front Page Spotlight, FAQs
Our September product releases just keep on rolling with our latest feature — the Next Gen Personal Finance Project Bank! This is a convenient way to spice up your personal finance curriculum with some engaging, in-depth work for your students. To jump right in, click the link above. For a little more support, here are… Project Bank FAQs 1. You already have an Activity Bank. How is this different? Here’s how I think of it: Activities allow students to...

Editing our NGPF Worksheets

Aug 12, 2015
Teaching Strategies, New Products, Video Resource, Activities, Professional Development, FAQs
Want to use one of our awesome NGPF activities in your classroom, but wish you could change the directions slightly to meet your class objectives? Or, think a resource is really great but want to assign only half of the questions? Maybe your students need less scaffolding than we’ve provided, so you want to delete the examples we’ve offered? You can pretty easily edit our NGPF original resources following the steps I’ve outlined in this brief tutorial. 3 minutes of viewing...

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