NGPF Webinars... What's a webinar?!?!

Nov 03, 2015
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what's a webinar iconEach month, we’re so impressed with the level of engagement (and customer satisfaction) from our webinar participants, but we want to be sure we’re not missing anyone. So, if you receive our monthly emails calling for you to register for our free webinar, but you’ve been hesitant to register because you’re not QUITE sure webinars are right for you, here are some FAQs that might help:

1. What the heck is an NGPF webinar?

A webinar is an online professional development opportunity, in which we broadcast our material live, and you watch from the comfort of your own computer.

2. How much does an NGPF webinar cost?

$0 — what a bargain!

3. Do I need special equipment to join a webinar?

You need a computer and an internet connection. You may need speakers or headphones, depending on your computer and where you’re participating. You DON’T need a webcam or a microphone.

4. If I participate, will NGPF or other teachers on the webinar be able to hear me?

Nope! You hear NGPF speaking, but no one can hear you. So, go ahead and stream Taylor Swift in the background, make your kids dinner, answer your cell phone. We can’t hear you.

5. If I participate, will NGPF or other teachers know what I’m doing on my screen?

Nope! You see the screencast of what NGPF is doing on our screen, but we can’t see yours. We know whether you’re logged into the webinar and for how long (you can’t leave after 7 minutes and get your PD certificate), but we can’t see what’s on your computer, access your files, etc. We also can’t physically see you, so feel free to wear your pajamas if that helps.

6. I’m not very tech savvy. Do I need to be tech savvy to participate?

Nope! You register on the web, and then you’ll receive an email walking you through the steps to join the webinar. If you get stuck anywhere along the way, email us and we’ll help you out. Once you’re logged in, just before the webinar begins, the webinar window will pop up on your computer screen, and then you sit back and watch. We ask survey questions mid-webinar, but you just click the answer on your screen. Easy.

7. What if I have a question during the webinar?

You can ask a question, mid-webinar, by typing into a box that appears on your screen once the webinar starts. We also encourage you to share resources or feedback with us, during or after the webinar. We’ll send them out to other participants, too, if we think the whole community could benefit.

If you’re still not sure a webinar is right for you, go ahead and register to try out this month’s webinar. You’ll leave with tons of great resources you can implement the very next day.

Got an FAQ I still haven’t answered? Email me!

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