FinCap Friday: Bye Bye Banks?

Jan 17, 2019
FinCap Friday, Checking Accounts, Current Events

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In this FinCap Friday we chronicle the epic battle being waged between the well-established banks and the upstart FinTech competitors. Once a blip on the radar for the big banks, several of these emerging companies have earned unicorn status and are valued privately at more than $1billion. Why? Blame mobile phones, the comfort level that younger generations have with conducting business (including banking) online and the FinTech focus on creating a great UX (user experience) on their apps. Find a pain point for bank customers (can you name a few?), solve it, rinse, repeat. Will big banks reign in a decade? Ponder that question while playing this week's engaging FinCap Friday: 

We recently added a no-tech version of FinCap Friday where the questions are embedded in the presentation rather than an online quiz. 


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