Interactive Monday: Healthcare Prices

Mar 24, 2019
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Hat tip to Sonia from team NGPF for highlighting this resource.


The United States is routinely the most expensive place to buy medical care, whether that’s a Humira pen or a knee replacement or an MRI scan. There are a handful of exceptions to the rule: The US does have colonoscopies that are cheaper than in New Zealand or the United Kingdom. On CT scans, we also come in slightly cheaper than Britain. But aside from those examples, it’s generally a safe bet that the highest prices for medical care can be found in America.

This series of 11 interactive charts shows how U.S. health costs compare with other countries. Here's one example: 


  • Calculate the difference in cost between the U.S. and the lowest cost in another country for each of the 11 procedures.
    • Which had the largest difference? The smallest difference?
  • Why do you think that costs in the U.S. are so much higher than those of the rest of the world?
  • Are you more or less likely to sign up for health insurance after seeing these charts (note that health insurance covers some of these costs)? Why?


Check out NGPF's lesson on Health Insurance so students can learn the ins/outs of deductibles, premiums and copays. 


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