Interactive Monday: How Do Age and Gender Affect How We Spend Our Time?

Oct 21, 2018
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Last week we looked at how Americans spend their time in the typical day using Flow Data’s article Counting the Hours.

This week we’re looking at their follow up article using the same data but exploring how age, sex, and time of day influence our activities.  

Before diving deep into the infographic take some time to make some predictions with your students.  For each group below try to identify which group might spend the most time (1) working, (2) socializing, or (3) doing household activities.

  1. Age groups 15-24, 45-54, or 65+
  2. Males or females
  3. 6-6:30AM, 11-11:30AM, 7-7:30PM 


Now that you’ve made some predictions it’s time to jump in.  There are 3 main controls for the infographic - age, sex, and time of day.  Students will want to play around with all 3 controls to see what difference each makes. Challenge each of your students to identify 3 trends they can find on the chart.

To wrap up share out your trends and come up with a whole group list.  Pick some of the more interesting trends and ask your students to speculate about their origins.



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Thanks to NGPF Fellow Brian Page for sharing this activity that he created to improve teen sleeping habits. 

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