NGPF Arcade Game, Money Magic, COMING SOON! [Released 1/24/20]

Jan 08, 2020
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Update (1/31/20): Money Magic is now released. Play it at

This game can be found in the NGPF Arcade here.  Enjoy!


"Learn the tricks of budgeting" is the tagline for this new NGPF Arcade Game. 

Here's a short teaser video to whet your appetite:

Mason and I had a lot of fun piloting Money Magic at a high school in San Mateo, California today.

Here's what we heard from students: 

  • What do I need to save to make it to Vegas for the Big Show?
  • 4 Stars and $20,000 in earnings! What A Show!
  • Ouch! Boring Magic Act! These critics are tough. 
  • Why is morale so low? 
  • Ooooo...I want to see that fire trick.
  • Should I invest in the [insert trick name here]?
  • This makes me so anxious..I'm too stressed now! 
  • Enzo is so high maintenance. 
  • That levitation trick is so cool. 
  • It's showtime! 
  • I'm going to Vegas! 

Engaging gameplay later led to these reflections:

  • Buying those cool magic tricks was so tempting and kept me from saving for Vegas.
  • It was challenging to figure out how to allocate my budget among the various costs.
  • There were no perfect decisions; it was challenging to manage the various tradeoffs. 

Thanks to McKinney for creating another creative and engaging game that teaches such valuable money lessons. 


Money Magic will be released later this month. 



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