Let's Make Investing Fun: Cartoons That Will Make You Laugh (and Teach You Too!)

Nov 03, 2016
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Some good laughs here but also some good messages (which I have paired with corresponding NGPF resources):


Message: With the power of compound interest, it is important to start saving as soon as possible!



Message: Take advantage of 401(k) match programs that your employer offers.




Message: How will investors feel about robo-advisors when the stock market hits the proverbial “wall.”




Message: Power of setting goals to help people achieve financial dreams.


stock-market-cartoons-6  and   stock-market-cartoons-5

Message: In the short term, the stock market can seem like a dangerous place akin to riding a roller coaster. However, when looked at over the long-term, the market seems a much less risky place.

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