Oct 03, 2021

Math Monday: Scatter Plots and Linear Regression

Math Monday: Scatter Plots and Linear Regression

This Math Monday, we’re exploring the lesson Scatter Plots and Linear Regression from the Financial Algebra Checking Unit. If you want a deeper dive into this unit, sign up for Financial Algebra: Unit 2 Checking and Linear Equations, next Tuesday at 4 pm Pacific.

The Lesson

Students plot real-world data and observe patterns. Then, they learn about correlation and how to use technology to find a linear regression model. 

Students have the additional support of an optional video walkthrough of the steps necessary to input data and complete a linear regression on Desmos. 

Screenshot of Desmos showing a scatterplot

Then, students practice generating their own Desmos model using data on mobile banking trends over time. 

Screenshot of the practice portion of Lesson 2.7

The Application Problems

This lesson closes with a set of leveled Application Problems that apply the core skill in a relevant personal finance context. 

  • Level 1 provides a scatterplot of ice cream sales by temperature and focuses on analyzing the given graph.
  • Level 2 explores check cashing fees by generating a scatterplot of fees, analyzing the equation generated, and reflecting on a short video.
  • Level 3 asks students to come up with plausible labels for a given scatterplot and to estimate a line of best fit. Then, students analyze data on hours worked and salary. 

Screenshot of Level 3 Application Problems. An image of a scatterplot of hours and salary in New Zealand

Extend the Learning
MATH: Using Regression to Analyze Stocks is another great activity to teach regression, especially if you want students to practice finding linear regression equations on a standard calculator, rather than Desmos.

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