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Mar 07, 2017
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In case you missed it in January, NGPF has heard the call, and we’re beginning to translate our original activities and projects into Spanish for use with your English Language Learners. Don’t worry — we’re not relying on my own poor command of the Spanish language (muy malo) — we’ve hired an awesome translator who is working through our resources in batches of 10. With eleven batches now complete, we’ve got 83 activities/projects across Checking, Saving, Budgeting, Types of Credit, Managing Credit, Paying for College, Budgeting, Financial Pitfalls, Insurance, Investing, Careers, and Taxes ready for use!

How to access the Spanish translations (3 methods):

    1. Bookmark this directory page for links directly to the Spanish and corresponding English versions of the Google docs
  1. On our website, look for activities and projects with (Sp) following their title — that denotes the resource is available in Spanish
  2. On individual activities or projects, look for the words Spanish Version under the header and click to open the translation.   
    Spanish version


Are Spanish translations going to be a game changer in your classroom? Can you just not wait for us to release more? If you want to receive email notification the SECOND a new batch of 10 translations is complete, complete this brief form to join our Translations mailing list.


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