Reading LIst for January 19-20

Jan 18, 2019
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  • Looks like Financial Literacy is on the minds of state legislatures as they start their new sessions. Florida is the latest to consider a required course. (WPTV)

Personal Finance

  • Here is the most straightforward explanation I have seen as to why using your ApplePay™ (or other version) is the safest way to pay for things, after using cash, that is.(Kobliner)
  • This may not be news, but still worth mentioning that another survey has found most Americans could not handle a $1000 emergency. (Bankrate)
  • If a picture is worth 1000 words, an animated picture might be worth---$15,000? This might inspire your students to save money. (MarketWatch)


  • The investment world lost the man who changed the face of investing forever: Jack Bogle. (Philadelphia Inquirer), (WAPO) Also check out this QOD if you haven’t already.
  • Some tips on managing index funds and brokerage accounts from Allan Sloan of the WAPO.
  • How a high-profile divorce could impact investors. (NYT)

Student Loans

    • Researchers from the Federal Reserve have published a paper attributing about 20% of the decline in millennial home ownership to higher levels of student debt. (Bloomberg) This is in line with data tracked regularly by the New York Fed.



  • Have you ever considered the downsides to a drop in the birthrate? (NBC)

Higher Ed

Here are a few articles that might help our students make more informed choices about their higher education.

  • How could colleges and universities become more successful in increasing diversity in the STEM fields. (Inside Higher Education)
    Beware of “for-profit” nursing programs….students aren’t as successful in actually getting licenses. (Inside Higher Education)
  • “Does It Matter Where You Go To College?” That may just depend on your race and gender. (The Atlantic)

For Educators

Gen Z

  • According to a Pew Research Center report examining political and social views find Gen Z to be following in Millennials’ footsteps.
  • What on earth drives popularity and value on Instagram. (Recode)

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