Sep 17, 2022

NGPF Podcast: Araceliz Gomes explains cryptocurrencies

Want to deepen your content knowledge of cryptocurrencies? Join this conversation that Yanely had with Araceliz Gomes. 

As the founder and CEO of The Latina Investor, Araceliz Gomes is on a mission to help empower Latinas and women of color.  In her conversation with Yanely, Araceliz provides a master class to understanding cryptocurrencies. She explains the history, the mechanics of how it works, the key terms you should be familiar with and perhaps most importantly how to avoid getting scammed. Enjoy! 



  • 0:00~0:46 Introduction
  • 0:46~4:03 Araceliz and The Latina Investor
  • 4:03~10:20 Interest in crypto 
  • 10:20~18:11 History of currency and how cryptocurrency works
  • 18:11~23:47 How the blockchain works
  • 23:47~30:18 Important terms to understand cryptocurrency
  • 30:18~30:39 A word from NGPF
  • 30:39~34:57 Conceptualizing Blockchain in a classroom economy setting
  • 34:57~44:54 How do mining and validation work?
  • 44:54~50:30 Crypto scams and how to avoid them
  • 50:30~52:17 Conclusion



  • “What I want to clarify is that cryptocurrency is a currency. It’s not a multi-level marketing scheme… But if someone’s trying to get you to invest in cryptocurrency through them, it’s a red flag.” 


NGPF offers a certification course titled Cryptocurrency Basics. Register for this course or others in the next cohort which begins in mid-October.  


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