Aug 20, 2022

NGPF Podcast: Catie Hogan believes personal finance can be funny

How can I make personal finance more engaging, more fun, more approachable for a wider audience? 

Catie Hogan provides the answers in this NGPF Podcast with Yanely. In this converation, Catie describes what motivated her to combine comedy and personal finance, the ways that she uses humor to engage her audiences, her thoughts on cryptocurrencies and her fave personal finance books. Enjoy!  



  • 0:00~1:05 Introduction
  • 1:05~5:12 Catie’s background and career path
  • 5:12~13:49 Deciding to combine comedy and personal finance  
  • 13:49~18:26 Keeping money serious and setting the tone
  • 18:26~23:32 Using humor as a tool
  • 23:32~27:38 Favorite personal finance books
  • 27:38~27:58 A word from NGPF
  • 27:58~36:36 The influx of social media content on personal finance topics
  • 36:36~38:29 Being a healthy skeptic
  • 38:29~42:13 Thoughts on cryptocurrency
  • 42:13~46:24 The Parthean app
  • 46:24~53:46 Deciding to attend college and considering student loans
  • 53:46~55:13 Conclusion



  • "It's so important that we teach people to become healthy skeptics and competent enough in the language of finance that they can then decipher between all of these different investment vehicles and options that they are being presented and be able to weigh the risk and reward themselves.”


His book has sold more than 2 million copies and now you can hear him on the NGPF Podcast. Listen to Morgan Housel, Psychology of Money author, spin the stories from his book in a part 1 and part 2 of the NGPF Podcast.

About the Authors

Tim Ranzetta

Tim's saving habits started at seven when a neighbor with a broken hip gave him a dog walking job. Her recovery, which took almost a year, resulted in Tim getting to know the bank tellers quite well (and accumulating a savings account balance of over $300!). His recent entrepreneurial adventures have included driving a shredding truck, analyzing executive compensation packages for Fortune 500 companies and helping families make better college financing decisions. After volunteering in 2010 to create and teach a personal finance program at Eastside College Prep in East Palo Alto, Tim saw firsthand the impact of an engaging and activity-based curriculum, which inspired him to start a new non-profit, Next Gen Personal Finance.

Ren Makino

Ren started interning at NGPF in 2014, and worked part-time through high school and college. With his knowledge growing alongside NGPF, he joined the team to work full-time after graduating from college in 2020. He is also the producer of the NGPF podcast. During his free time, he likes to try out coffees from different roasters across the world.

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