Dec 18, 2023

NGPF Podcast Episodes from December: Hear from the 2023 PAYBACK Challenge Winners!

The two National Grand Prize Winners of the 2023 PAYBACK Challenge joined us on the NGPF Podcast this month alongside Caleb Silver, Editor in Chief of Investopedia and Rachel Labi, Co-Founder of Building Financial Freedom. 

2023 PAYBACK Challenge Winners: Priscilla Guerra and Yra Climaco

Priscilla Guerra of Impact Early College High School (Baytown, TX) and Yra Climaco of Castiac High School (Castiac, CA) joins us on the NGPF Podcast as the National Grand Prize Winners of the 2023 PAYBACK Challenge. Both winners discuss their lessons from playing PAYBACK, emphasizing the importance of education, work-life balance, and financial consciousness in college. Tune in for an inspiring conversation with these exceptional students!


Rachel Labi, Co-Founder of Building Financial Freedom

Rachel Labi, a student at Purdue University, entrepreneur, and Co-Founder of Building Financial Freedom, shares her journey through personal finance education, internships, and social entrepreneurship.


Caleb Silver, Editor in Chief of Investopedia

Caleb Silver, the editor-in-chief of Investopedia, leads the platform's adoption of a user-centric pull strategy, catering to 18 to 22 million monthly users actively seeking financial information. The platform houses a vast collection of continually updated content, with a focus on serving students and individuals with specific financial queries. Silver highlights the uniqueness of each user's search, emphasizing the platform's role in delivering an educational narrative about the world of money. Investopedia maintains around 40,000 articles and definitions, prioritizing content updates and the creation of new material. Silver discusses the current popularity of search terms, including bank failures, bonds, and discussions around the American dream, reflecting user sentiments. The conversation concludes with insights into Investopedia's widely used stock market simulator, a valuable tool for investment education.


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