Jan 29, 2024

NGPF Podcast Episodes from January: Hear from Former FDIC Chair Sheila Bair and Others!

This month, NGPF hosted a special podcast with John Pelletier, Director of the Center for Financial Literacy at Champlain College, on the 2023 National Report Card on High School Financial Literacy. See all of the amazing podcast guests and find one to listen to on your commute!

Daniel Hierbert, Associate Professor of Financial Planning at Minnesota State University and Aidan Ryan, Student

In this podcast episode, Daniel Hiebert, Associate Professor of Financial Planning at Minnesota State University, and his student Aidan Ryan discuss core financial planning principles, effective teaching strategies, and Aidan's unique perspective. Both share personal money memories, emphasizing experiences with savings accounts and challenges tied to family finances. Daniel underscores the experiential education focus in their CFP Board-certified program, aiming to graduate well-rounded candidates. The dialogue delves into the evolving financial planning landscape, discussing collaborative client-planner relationships and concluding with insights into the fiduciary standard and the importance of trust in client-advisor relationships.

John Pelletier, Director of the Center for Financial Literacy at Champlain College

John Pelletier, Director of the Center for Financial Literacy at Champlain College, delves into the current state of financial education in the United States, centering on Pelletier's recent research report that evaluates states based on their personal finance education policies. The discussion underscores the positive strides made by several states, with seven now earning an A grade, while highlighting the potential underestimation of progress as more states are in the process of implementing favorable laws. The bipartisan support for financial education, reflected in overwhelming approval of related bills, is noted, with Pelletier attributing accelerated legislation post-COVID to lawmakers recognizing constituents' financial struggles.The conversation also covers the economic benefits of financial literacy, ongoing initiatives to improve education in various states, and the influence of Pelletier's annual report on shaping state policies.

Jim Wasserman, Former Business Litigation Attorney

Jim Wasserman shares his journey from law to teaching economics and media literacy. Initially drawn to teaching to prevent problems rather than just solving them, Wasserman discusses his approach to making economics relatable to students, moving beyond traditional textbook examples. He delves into his experience in consumer economics, highlighting the importance of decision-making skills in both financial and digital realms. Jim, along with his wife, a retired banker, authored a three-book series aimed at different educational levels, focusing on the 'rules of the game' in consumer economics and media literacy. The discussion also explores the challenges of navigating the online world, especially for younger generations, emphasizing the need for educators to stay updated with internet trends. Jim stresses the importance of teaching self-reflection, awareness of online manipulation, and personal responsibility in the digital age, reflecting on the impact of curated online lives on self-image and choices. 

Sheila Bair, Former Chair of the FDIC 

Sheila Bair, former chair of the FDIC,  discusses her career path, including her background as a civil rights attorney and her transition into financial services. Bair emphasizes the need for students to make informed choices about their education and careers, noting the potential income limitations associated with certain degrees. She advocates for a balanced approach, combining financial education with consumer protection regulations. The conversation delves into Bair's efforts to engage students through her children's book series, "Money Tales," offering tips for teachers to boost classroom engagement in financial topics. She underscores the importance of understanding banking systems, interest rates, and long-term financial choices. The discussion concludes with insights into Bair's passion for children's literature and her commitment to providing resources and opportunities for financial education, including free book readings for schools.

Jason Brown, Author of It is Possible!

Jason Brown, author of "IT IS POSSIBLE!: How I Earned Two Debt-Free Degrees...and How You Can, Too," discusses the student loan debt crisis. The conversation delves into various topics, including the historical context of the crisis, its connection to the Space Race, the escalating costs of college, and the vital role of financial literacy education. Jason Brown shares his journey and insights on navigating college expenses without succumbing to student loan debt. He explores practical tips for managing student loans, such as seeking scholarships, working during college, and taking advantage of employer tuition reimbursement programs. Overall, there is an emphasis on the need for a holistic understanding of education and career paths beyond traditional college routes to empower the next generation in making informed financial decisions.

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