Mar 26, 2024

NGPF Podcast Episodes from March: Pathways and Tips Towards Financial Independence

From Val Chapman's inspiring work with elementary students in Oakland to The Wealth Twins' journey from Queens to Wall Street, listen to these transformative stories and strategies from four voices in finance education and empowerment.


In our latest podcast roundup, we spotlight transformative stories and strategies from four distinct voices in finance education and empowerment. 

Val Chapman, Oakland School Volunteer and her Students

In this podcast episode, Val Chapman, a finance professional, discusses mentoring elementary school students in Oakland, California. Val and her students from Franklin Elementary showcase their entrepreneurial ventures, including a comic book business, soap-making enterprise, snack business, investment portfolio, and sewing business. Through their stories, they demonstrate creativity, determination, and teamwork, highlighting the potential of early financial education. As the podcast episode progresses, Val shares her vision of expanding the program to more schools and stresses the significance of extending financial education to high schools to equip students with vital skills for the future.


Nadia and Nicole,  The Wealth Twins

Nadia and Nicole, The Wealth Twins, share their inspiring journey of growing up in a tough neighborhood in Queens, New York, and how they overcame financial struggles to pursue successful careers on Wall Street. They discuss their mission to teach personal finance and wealth-building principles to empower others, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds. The conversation covers topics such as savings strategies, investing fundamentals, overcoming financial obstacles, the importance of financial education, and practical tips for teachers to engage students in learning about money management and retirement planning.


JL Collins, Author of Pathfinders

JL Collins, a prominent figure in the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) movement, discusses the essence and appeal of financial independence (FI). Collins explains FI as living below one's means to achieve freedom from traditional employment, highlighting its growing popularity due to technological advancements and societal prosperity. He shares insights from his books, emphasizing the power of investing in low-cost index funds and the importance of a community in navigating the journey toward FI. Collins provides practical advice for achieving financial independence, advocating for consistent investment in broad-market index funds and underscoring the necessity of understanding one's investment strategy. Through personal stories and expert advice, the episode inspires listeners to pursue financial independence with informed conviction and community support.


Gordon Stein, Author of The Cashflow Cookbook

Gordon Stein, author of "The Cashflow Cookbook," discusses personal finance insights on the NGPF podcast. Emphasizing the psychology behind financial decisions, Gordon shares practical tips for saving money without sacrificing lifestyle. The interview covers money-saving hacks, comparison shopping, negotiating bills, and prioritizing value. The conversation extends to implementing financial literacy in education, touching on investing and the time value of money. Gordon highlights the importance of enjoying life while making informed financial decisions.


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