GOOGLE FORMS - VIDEO #5: How to Change the Settings in Google Forms

Feb 10, 2020
PRO Tip from NGPF

NGPF has many assignments and assessments available in Google Forms. One of the most important areas (and sometimes the most confusing areas) of the Google Form is the Settings.  

The FIFTH VIDEO in this series explains all of the setting options in a Google Form...and gives some recommendations when using Google Forms assignments in the classroom.

  • 1:20 - Where to access the settings in a Google Form
  • 1:56 - General settings in a Google Form
  • 5:02 - Presentation settings in a Google Form
  • 6:37 - Quizzes settings in a Google Form

Continue checking the blog over the next few weeks for more posts on each video in this 12-part series! 


Want to jump ahead and view all of the Google Form tutorial videos? You can check them out here! 

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Amanda Volz

Amanda is a personal finance teacher at St. Clair High School in St. Clair, Michigan. She is a strong advocate for financial education, a proud member of the NGPF community, and uses the NGPF resources and curriculum extensively in her classroom.