TEACHER TIP (updated!) - CALCULATE: Completing a 1040

Sep 30, 2019
PRO Tip from NGPF

Amanda Volz brings you an UPDATED Teacher Tip video on the activity CALCULATE: Completing a 1040. This activity has students complete a 1040 form for individuals with a variety of backgrounds and personal situations. Since NGPF updated this activity in March 2019, Amanda created a new Teacher Tip video with tips on how she uses the updated version in her class. 

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About the Author

Amanda Volz

Amanda joins the NGPF Team with 18 years of experience teaching personal finance. During that time, she led her students to hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships, won multiple awards, and most importantly, impacted the financial lives of thousands of high school students. Amanda prides herself on being an educational leader and is constantly looking for innovative ways to make the classroom relevant, rigorous, and fun. She is a passionate advocate for financial education and has been a long time member of the NGPF community. Fun fact - Amanda was NGPF’s first teacher account! When Amanda isn’t working, she enjoys cooking, gardening, and traveling with her husband and two children.