NGPF On-Demand -- Summer 2021: 4 Trends in Personal Finance

Jul 08, 2021
Professional Development, Current Events

NGPF On-Demand is a professional development opportunity that allows teachers to deepen their content knowledge on their own schedule and at their own pace.

One of the 32 On-Demand modules currently available is “Summer 2021: 4 Trends in Personal Finance.” In this module, you will learn about current trends in personal finance such as updates on credit scores & reports, the teen job market, investing by TikTok, and inflation. 


Here are two highlights from the module: 

  • Learn about the teen job market by either watching a video, listening to a podcast, or reviewing an infographic

  • Collaborate with other teachers to share ideas on how to creatively use Tik Tok in the classroom. Here is a peek at some of the responses:


Interested in learning more about current trends in personal finance? Visit our NGPF On-Demand library to get started on "Summer 2021: 4 Trends in Personal Finance" and explore the other available modules! 

NOTE: These modules are not designed for direct use with students. Additional details and FAQs are available on the NGPF On-Demand webpage

About the Author

Amanda Volz

Amanda joins the NGPF Team with 18 years of experience teaching personal finance. During that time, she led her students to hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships, won multiple awards, and most importantly, impacted the financial lives of thousands of high school students. Amanda prides herself on being an educational leader and is constantly looking for innovative ways to make the classroom relevant, rigorous, and fun. She is a passionate advocate for financial education and has been a long time member of the NGPF community. Fun fact - Amanda was NGPF’s first teacher account! When Amanda isn’t working, she enjoys cooking, gardening, and traveling with her husband and two children.