Jan 25, 2023

Question of the Day: How many math errors did taxpayers make on tax returns last year?

Last year, the number of errors grew 12x times!

Answer: Over 12.9 million errors!

Data from IRS


  • Does it surprise you that taxpayers make so many errors on their tax returns? 
  • What are strategies that you can use to avoid making mistakes on your own tax return? 
  • What are the consequences when you make math errors on your return?

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Behind the numbers (H&R Block):

A math error made on a tax return can be more than just a simple addition or subtraction error. When one of the above errors happens, the IRS can use the authority it is given in the tax law and correct the error without going through deficiency procedures.

This means the IRS will make changes to your tax return, increase or decrease the taxes owed, and send you a notice. Some (but not all) of these notices give you 60 days to contact the IRS if you disagree with the changes. If you notify the IRS that you disagree, the IRS will reverse the changes. However, it is important to note that if you cannot provide proof that the changes you disputed were incorrect, the IRS will forward your return to the audit division for further review.



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