Question of the Day [AAPI Heritage Month]: Who is the cofounder of the streaming data technology company currently valued at $4.5 billion that hosts Netflix?

May 17, 2021
Question of the Day, Career

Answer: Neha Narkhede


  1. As the technology that makes streaming possible, what are some of the ways that Neha Narkhede's work has impacted the world? How has it impacted you personally?
  2. Neha started as a software engineer at LinkedIn and progressed through her career until she co-founded her own multi-billion dollar company. How are you inspired by her work and story?
  3. What are ways that you have persevered in your own life to achieve your goals?

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Behind the numbers (Forbes):

"Neha Narkhede is co-founder and former chief technology officer of Confluent, a streaming data technology company currently valued at $4.5 billion. As a LinkedIn software engineer, she helped develop the software platform Apache Kafka to handle the networking site's huge influx of data. In 2014, she and two LinkedIn colleagues left to found Confluent to build tools for companies using Apache Kafka, which became open source in 2011.

The company raised $250 million in April 2020 in a round led by Coatue Management bringing its total funding to $456 million. It counts Goldman Sachs, Netflix, and Uber as customers."


Check out Neha's latest business success on her website:


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