Question of the Day [Black History Month]: How much money do Black Americans give in charitable donations annually?

Feb 10, 2021
Question of the Day, Budgeting

Answer: Over $11 billion a year


  1. Have you ever donated before? What causes are you most interested in supporting?

  2. How might your own family history and tradition impact your giving in the future?

  3. How might learning about the experiences and traditions of others impact your own spending/giving?

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Behind the numbers (Forbes):

Though research is limited in this area, it also states “nearly two-thirds of African-American households donated to organizations and causes, totaling $11 billion each year." Black Americans are one the most giving groups of people in the country. Charitable contributions from the Black community have been "well-noted and consistent for generations, with 'tithing' being an intricate part of black giving and the values of community and mutuality embedded in African traditional values carried over by enslaved Africans."



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