Feb 22, 2023

Question of the Day [Black History Month]: What US property was recently returned after being taken away from a Black family during the Jim Crow Laws era?

After almost 100 years the Black family's descendants who were returned the property sold it back to the county for $20 million!


Answer: Bruce's Beach in Los Angeles, California


  • Why was it important for LA County to return the land to Bruce family? 
  • How might having the property ownership taken from the Bruce family have impacted their generational wealth?
  • Can you think of any other past financial wrongs that have been righted or still need to be righted?

Here are the ready-to-go slides for this Question of the Day that you can use in your classroom.


Behind the numbers (NPR):

"Nearly 100 years ago, a local government in Southern California took Bruce's Beach away from its Black owners because of the color of their skin. The owners' descendants won a long effort to regain the land — and now they intend to sell it to Los Angeles County for nearly $20 million.

The return of Bruce's Beach to the descendants of Willa and Charles Bruce last summer was hailed as a step toward righting the wrongs inflicted by systemic racism. County officials say the pending sale will go some way toward restoring the wealth that was stripped from the Bruce family in 1924."



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