Oct 04, 2023

Question of the Day: [Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month]: What are the 3 most marketable second languages for job hunters in the U.S.?

Looking for a multilingual job? If your answer is sí, shì, or oui, you're on the right track.


  1. Spanish
  2. Chinese
  3. French

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  • What factors might contribute to Spanish, Chinese, and French being the top three second languages desired by U.S. employers?
  • How does learning a second language like Spanish, Chinese, or French benefit an individual's career prospects outside of those countries?
  • Are there any specific industries or job sectors where proficiency in Spanish, Chinese, or French is particularly valuable?
  • Do you think the demand for these languages will change in the future due to global economic shifts or other factors? If so, how might it change?


Behind the numbers (Preply): 

"Across the board, Spanish is the most popular second language, and the most marketable language if you have already learned English or are a native speaker. It was preferred (and in many cases, required) by nearly all of the job postings we analyzed that included the “bilingual” and “multilingual” keywords. 

In other words, Spanish was prevalent for the majority of job postings regardless of industry or job title. Specifically, Spanish is the most marketable language by far, with 528 jobs (or 75.97%) requesting the language."


Click here for the ready-to-go slides for this Question of the Day that you can use in your classroom.



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