Question of the Day [Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month]: A 2020 Hispanic Wealth Report found that Latinos are most likely to build wealth through: stocks, bonds, or real estate?

Oct 05, 2021
Question of the Day, Investing

Answer: Real Estate


  • Why is real estate typically a strong investment option?
  • What are ways an individual can work towards owning their own property?
  • How would owning an investment property outside of a primary residence be helpful for building wealth?
  • Although real estate can help build wealth, why is it still important to diversify investments?

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Behind the numbers (2020 Hispanic Wealth Report): 

"More likely to invest in real estate: Among HWP Survey respondents, despite a 16-percentage point homeownership gap between Latinos and non-Hispanic Whites, Latinos were 25 percent more likely to own real estate investment outside of their primary residence than non-Hispanic White households.

Extra money toward real estate: Latino HWP Survey respondents were more than twice as likely to report using extra money to invest in real estate (9 percent) than non-Hispanic White households (4 percent). This number increased to 29 percent among Latino households that own a business."



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