Sep 21, 2021
Question of the Day

Question of the Day [Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month]: What bilingual personal finance app gives investment advice and teaches users how to invest and save for retirement?

Answer: Finhabits, a bilingual personal finance app created by Carlos Garcia


  • Where do you learn about personal finance habits and investing? Have you ever used an app?
  • Why is it important to start to think about investing and retirement even at a young age?
  • How can you continue to educate yourself and others with quality personal finance tips and information?

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Behind the numbers (NBCNEWS): 

"Garcia is the founder and CEO of Finhabits, a personal finance app that's accessible in both English and Spanish. The entrepreneur, whose parents were born in Mexico, has over 15 years of financial technology experience on Wall Street.

"To me, being Latino means having a very strong identity. It means culture, tamales, familia, hard work, and love for Mexico and the United States," Garcia said.

García designed Finhabits as a platform that helps people who have never invested, develop the habit to do it. “If I can make saving for retirement more accessible and cheaper, it’s a winner — it’s just like going to the gym,” he said. “We text you to give you a nudge to contribute on a weekly basis.”

What differentiates Finhabits from other digital financial apps, said García, is that it's focused on long-term financial habits. The digital platform charges $1 per month for accounts under $2,500 and 0.5 percent per year for accounts that pass that amount."



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