Question of the Day (Update): What percent of Americans do not receive a steady paycheck?

Apr 21, 2021
Question of the Day, Career

Answer: 30%


  • What are ways that workers can “smooth over” those periods where they are earning a smaller paycheck?
    If this is the “new normal” for employment, how should you think about your largest fixed monthly expenses (rent, car payment, etc.)?
    What are some “side hustles” people do to supplement their incomes?

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Behind the numbers (Federal Reserve)

"The level of income during the year as a whole may mask substantial changes in income from month to month. The survey considers how mismatches between the timing of income and expenses lead to financial challenges. Income in 2018 was roughly the same from month to month for 7 in 10 adults.

Some families can manage these frequent changes in income easily, but for others, this may cause financial hardship. In fact, one-third of those with varying income, or 1 in 10 adults overall, say they struggled to pay their bills at least once in the prior year due to varying income."



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